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Holistic Aromatic Treatments

Over centuries, essential oils have been used as powerful healing agents. Working at the cellular level, essential oils have properties to renourish, rebalance, and renew. Using Quantum science – identifying physical, emotional or spiritual imbalance plus sacred geometry – establishes proper aromatherapy protocol and treatment. Aromatic Treatments pinpoint exact challenges and offer improved opportunities inside and out.

Aromatherapy Consultation: Personal, Home, Business

Learn and experience how essential oils will enhance your whole body. Using aromatherapy to heal, prevent, and inspire the body, mind, and soul. Understand the true power of aromatherapy as it improves your surroundings and life
Essential Oils not included

Aromatic Chakra Treatment

Release energy blocks from major chakras while creating a harmonious whole body experience by using healing modalities such as aromatherapy, chakra balancing and Mahaananda Reiki

Aromatic Spinal Reflex Point Treatment

Aromatherapy application assists the body to improve the life force energy, Chi, and promote physical healing through intentional spinal reflex points

Aromatic Emotional Release Treatment

The combination of crystals and aromatherapy assist in removing trapped negative emotions while creating a new vital energy within the body and soul

Aroma Tap®

Negative thoughts, emotions and trauma may be reprogrammed by using various techniques including EFT, acupuncture points, meridians, applied kinesiology and aromatherapy in combination with personalized aromatherapy blends. AromaTap® restores energetic balance and happiness. (Not including Essential Oils)
Essential oils not included

Aromatic Space Clearing

Space clearing is a beneficial Feng Shui practice that uses specific essential oils to clear negative energy to create a nurturing environment and restore vital Chi. A special blessing concludes this process to bring clarity, attract positive energy and add protection to the space
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